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programming, web development, rich media applications and ai programming

We are skeirs

we are a small, flexible and innovative
highly motivated interdisciplinary team.

with broad experiences in different medical and marketing projects and a deep understanding of current trends and needs in the healthcare sector and in technology.

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Our Solutions

skeirs media library: all relevant information available instantly

disseminate multiple content types to specified groups. content can be administered centrally via the web for online browsing or offline using an ipad.

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skeirs media services
professional network

our network of professionals from tv, audio-visual production, design and illustration is able to deliver a customized and all-encompassing package.

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Our Expertise

business administration and
innovation management

with our expertise in strategic and operational projects we aim to co-develop with your team a customized contemporary solution that integrates seamlessly into your business reality.

Healthcare Consulting & Knowledge Management

healthcare consulting and
knowledge management

with more than 25 years in content and knowledge management we can help to structure data and knowledge in your organisation the best possible way.

Training & 
Authoring E-learning

training and

authoring e-learning

after development we ensure a fast and secure dissemination of multiple content types, depending on who needs to see what within or outside the organization.

Programming, Web Development, Rich Media Applications & AI-Programming

programming, web development,
rich media applications and ai programming

how to provide the golden nugget of information wanted? we find the solution together, i.e. to enable access to relevant pieces of information in a compliant and immediate way.