skeirs: this is us

our team

our core team is the motor behind the development and innovation of concepts and solutions for organisational learning needs and knowledge sharing. combining the power of automation with the smartness of strategic thinking.

skeirs: is us

dr. michael hanik

account manager

michael has a phd in philosophy and is working in the healthcare sector now for almost two decades. initially focused on knowledge management he gained broad experience especially in the e-learning sector. michael is working behind the scenes, if it comes to knowledge and data dissemination.

dr. nils mensel

managing partner

with a background in consulting and innovation management nils started skeirs in 2007 to put it related ideas into existence. now, more than 10 years later, skeirs is providing services to multinational companies.
+ 49 (0) 179 107 47 48

dr. anja schäfer

business development, medical affairs support

in her almost 30 year long career in the health care industry, anja held various international leadership positions in commercial and medical functions. typically, she pushed new business concepts forward with a focus on education, knowledge- and content management, supported by contemporary technical solutions.
+ 49 (0) 1718343085

ulrike leml

administrative assistant

ulrike is pulling the strings behind the scenes in our back office. she ensures that everything is getting the attention it deserves.

matthias stolt

partner it development

matthias holds an dipl. ing. of computer engineering. with over 25 years experience producing world wide web systems in the field of cms, dialog simulation und knowledge distribution he creates best in class, customized solutions for our clients.